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Matthiessen Yawl Milos II 1954

  • Length 17.7 m
  • Width 4.02 m
  • Bed(s) 5
  • Cabin(s) 3
  • Property type: Sailing
  • Tirant d'eau 3
  • Motor Yanmar 190 cv
  • Year 1954

Property Description

Commissioned in 1953 at the yards “Matthiesen/Paulsen Arnis/Schlei” in Hamburg, by Mr Pierre Tattarachi shipowner, this magnificent yawl is sold again in September 1983. His new owner, in love with the beautiful classical unit, refited her in large part in 1991. The frames are made of oak, lined with metallic varangues, edged in mahogany thickness 40mm. The bridge and superstructures are made of teak. The masts and boom are in Spruce. The boat is equipped with its original Meriman Brush bronze fittings. Its ballast of 10 tons is lead. The Yanmar engine ( 190 HP 4 cyl. diesel, 500h ) was changed in 2003. It is designed for 10 people and includes: a double front cabin with toilet (access deck), a double front cabin with sink, a shower room with sink and storage, a toilet with sink and storage, a double cabin, a single starboard cabin and a square with sink bed and a double starboard bed. It is a magnificent cruise ship that participated in many classic sailboat regattas

Information moteur :

  • Brand : Yanmar
  • Power :  190 cv
  • Motors  :  1
  • Fuel : Diesel
  • Hours :  h
  • Tank :  1 l

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