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Voilier X-Yachts

Le chantier X :

In 1979, one of today’s most successful and quality orientated production yards was established in Haderslev – Denmark by Niels Jeppesen, Lars Jeppesen and Birger Hansen.

During the 1980’s, X-Yachts designed and built winning IOR yachts for World Class Racing. Our success with this market attracted the attention of the cruising market,

Throughout the 1990’s, X-Yachts Range of Performance Cruisers was established. The X-412 was the first model in the new line, and was followed by the X-512, X-382, IMX 38, X-442, X-362, X-332, X-302, X-612, X-482 and finally, in 1999, the X-562.

The new millennium was celebrated with the introduction of the IMX 40 racer – an almost unbeatable IMS and IRC performer. In early 2002, the IMX 45 followed her little sister onto the race course and continued the successful tradition worldwide.

presque imbattable en IMS et en IRC. En 2002, l’IMX 45 , grand frère de l’IMX 40 voit le jour et perpétue la tradition en remportant de nombreux succès à travers le monde.

x79 EN régate

X-range : the delicate balance of performance and comfort

The launch of the X6 has introduced a new generation of performance cruisers. Three new models followed from X4 to X6. The first X yachts of this new generation have been presented at the 2016 Cannes boats show.

XC : LA GAMME Dedicated long distance cruising yachts with enjoyable handling under sail.

In 2008 the Xc45 is the first of this Xcruising range, designed for sailors who want to cover sea miles in style and comfort. This range includes units from Xc35 to Xc55.

The first in the family, the Xc 45, was awarded the 2009 European Yacht of the Year the year of its launch. It was soon joined by the Xc 42 and in 2010; the range was doubled by the introduction of the Xc 50 and the Xc 38.

XP : Sleek, comfortable yachts combining world-class performance and cruising amenities.

The launch of the new Xp models back in 2011- Xp 44 – has initiated a new era for performance cruiser design.  This launch has been followed by a range from Xp38 to Xp55.

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